Keith Monks' New $2500 Record Cleaning Machine Debuts at CES 2016

Jonathan Monks demonstrated the new $2500 Keith Monks record cleaning machine— to date, the company's least expensive model, but it incorporates many of the high quality components found in the more expensive Monks machines.

The new clear acrylic unit features an interesting LED backlit front panel that allows you to change images either supplied by the company or by you. You can send them the image and they will produce the panel.

Watch the low light video here:

OldschoolE's picture

Michael, I found it profound in the video when you said that people like to watch records being cleaned and that it is therapeutic.
That is absolutely true! I know I like watching records being cleaned, then again I like watching proper care of records, period.
I also really do find cleaning my own records therapeutic. It's strange but true.

Thank you for your excellent CES coverage by the way! I love how you cover the full range of cost of products, something for everybody! Thank you Michael!

Hawkeye666's picture

I think many vinyl enthusiasts (junkies) are in part drawn to the hobby (addiction) because of the fiddly nature of it. Cleaning records one of the major points of fiddliness.

Michael Fremer's picture
They sure like washing their cars too but I don't think it's what draws them in!
Hawkeye666's picture

Maybe not a draw initially, no. However, the joy I get from appreciating and driving my spotless car around is quite similar to the joy I get out of spinning a perfectly clean record, or better yet sharing the music with a friend. So it is part of the "staying power" of both hobbies for me.

audiotom's picture

with Monk's long term record cleaning experience
they would be ideal to develop their own clean then ultrasonic one stop machine.