Boulder Debuts New Compact Phono Preamplifier At High End Munich 2018

Boulder introduced at High End Munich 2018 a new, compact phono preamplifier. The 508 is said to contain much of the circuitry of the company's 1008 phono preamp while retaining an even larger percentage of the 1008's sonic performance.

There's a pattern here: the former flagship was the 2008, which went out of production, followed by the 1008 that cost about half as much as the 2008. The 508 costs around half the price of the 1008. Can the less costly 254 be far behind?

The new 508 priced at "approximately" $5000 will start shipping shortly. The unit shown here was a static display. More details as soon as they become available. Boulder's Rich Maez told me that the new 508's feature set and sonic performance will approach that of the 1008.

Ortofan's picture

... Rich Maez or John Curl (or Graham Slee)?

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without a doubt!

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...I'm on a fixed income. Guess I'll have to wait for the 63.5.

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I wonder how it will compare to say the ARC Ref 2 Phono SE. If good enough, it might mean the end of tube anxiety to many.