"IUC Syndrome" Strikes High End Munich Attendees, Hinders YouTube Video Uploads

A treatable condition known as "IUC Syndrome" or Internet Upload Constipation Syndrome, a known and treatable condition, is hindering YouTube video uploads from High End Munich 2018.Symptoms include a choking sensation around the neck, panic, and finally despair.

An action-packed "day one" video has been uploading now for almost eight hours and has yet to pass the half-way point. That's a sure sign of "IUC Syndrome". The solution is for the hotel and the MOC convention center press room to offer higher upload speeds but neither so far offers that.

So, regrettably the day one video will for some time not be available for viewing. Sorry about that.

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If that power cord doesn’t work I’ve got some more here at the house you could try.

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and let us know how it feels!

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Don't sweat it Michael. It is what it is. I know it is not the perfect expectations you hoped for, but we all survived a long time before you and others went to video. The videos will come and speaking for myself, I look forward to them, even if you have to wait to get home to upload them.

It is odd though that aside from being funny, that IUC Syndrome has struck Germany or any part of Europe or any other country. They has been well ahead of the US in things internet for years!