Walk the Halls at High End Munich 2018 With AnalogPlanet Editor Michael Fremer

High End Munich 2018 day two began with an hour-long interview with Ortofon's Leif Johannsen that's in another video on this website. Even though the show had been open for two hours, long lines of people were still waiting to enter the halls at noon Friday morning. What a show!

In this 45 minute video you'll see more new analog gear, including a new optical turntable that's not quite operational but considering the company's pedigree, no doubt will be very soon.

If you're into tape, there's a short interview with the CEO of the MULANN Group, which now owns the rights to manufacture AGFA, BASF and EMTEC tape. More importantly, it has the machines and know how to do so and is.

The thumbnail is a new Ballfinger reel to reel tape deck that recently debuted. The company has a few models of playback and record and play machines that appear to be patterned after Studer/Revox machines from the '70s. There was too much vinyl and turntable related news to pay much attention to tape this year but at this rate next year it will be impossible to ignore.

Enjoy day two. Day three is even better! The video thumbnail is of Reed's new moderately priced 1X tone arm that places the bearings at a 45 degree angle. Why is best discussed in a full review.

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I used Ana Mighty for a re-build, modification and re-tip of my aged Denon DL103. Abandoned the aluminum cantilever for boron and added an OCL stylus all housed in a stone Malachite body which were a few of the options offered. They did a fantastic job and the results have proven wonderful. I'm surprised you had some difficulty in accessing their web-site.