High End Munich 2018 Day Four Coverage

In previous years, day four was either a leisurely walk-through in case something analog was missed—important or otherwise, or it was time to leave early and go home. Not this year.

There was so much new analog gear to see and cover that there hardly was enough time to catch it all in four days and day 4 turned out to be as hectic and event filled as were days 1 through 3.

The day began in the Acoustical Systems room where Dietrich Brakemeier's oversized Apolyt turntable played for the first time at High End Munich. Previously it was shown as part of a static display.

That was just the beginning of a day's worth of good catches and interesting analog finds as you'll see in this video.

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Like you said, who comes to a show with gear and puts no photos signs everywhere around their products. Then don't come! Also, if there is any sure fire way to tick off a potential customer, saying no photos is a guarantee you will be forgotten and ridiculed pretty quickly. Nice going MuSiCa NoVa...BTW your shift key appears to be locked.

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Do you recall where in the video MuSiCa NoVa appears?

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He puts his hand in front of Michael's camera! Ridiculous.

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Wow, that is weird weird weird.

As a consumer, I would intentionally avoid that product.

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I was excited to see you checked out Gold Note. I purchased their Vasari Gold MM cartridge a few months after reading a review on Tone audio. I'm really enjoying it and I'm giving serious consideration to purchasing their PH 10 phono preamp.

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..sure look nice. I am reading good things about them. A MF review in the plans??

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It would be nice to see at least ONE record reviewed each news letter. Email what ever you want to call it. Most readers can only look at most of this stuff and can not afford it. Frankly looking at it gets boring after awhile.
My system I would say is valued around 25 thousand and it suits myself fine along with everyone that comes over to listen including musicans.
You can have one of the most expensive systems in the world but with a crappy recording it will still sound crappy for the most part. So how about some album reviews so normal people can get the best bang for their dollar. Not saying to stop the high end stuff but it gets tiresome after awhile.

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I don’t know, speak for yourself as long as it lives up to billing I don’t mind. One that did not live up to billing was the Naim / Focal room at the show. I listened to the Naim statement and Focal Grande Utopia at the show. 2 people got up and left the room before the first track finished and I could understand why, it sounded terrible.

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...one of the TT people said they designed plastic on top of the aluminum platter because it has an bad effect on the magnet in the cartridge? Do you agree with this?

Really enjoyed all 4 videos. It proves we live in a somewhat sheltered audiophile world. There are so many products we never hear about.

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Wow, I'm impressed by the kind of gear presented at the fair. I was not aware, that analog gear is so popular and technically advanced. I'm so sick of the mp3 sound quality, I'm glad there is so much to choose from to play a good old stuff.


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Thanks for giving us your time and expertise to cut thru the BS and show us great new products some of us may never be able to see. Many many thanks for your time to educate us, all the best, Rich