High End Munich 2018 Day One

Day one High End Munich 2018 was as new analog gear-packed as you would hope it might be. The image at the top is of a new Kuzma turntable priced at around $8000 dollars (don't hold me to that amount) that uses the same drive system as the far more expensive Stabi M that I reviewed last year in Stereophile. The differences are explained by Franc Kuzma in the approximately hour and a half video covering all of day one's coverage.

Though I stayed up until 2AM editing the hour and a half video of day one's coverage and awoke at 6:30 to continue editing, I was unable to finish and upload it before I had to jump in the shower to prepare for a 10:00AM interview with Ortofon's Leif Johannsen who is going to take us through the design of the new Ortofon MC Century cartridge and give us a glimpse of the company's plans for its 100th anniversary celebration.

So patience please and the video will appear here as soon as possible!

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... https://www.ortofon.com/mc-century-p-863

Don't forget to have Leif discuss the Concorde Century:

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Got a very complete interview...
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for your time Michael.

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The internet, I mean. So, I can go there and tell the internet to get it together and list your footage of the Munich show. Maybe I’ll just send speedy gonzalez as a representative for me.