MPS Announces Ten Vinyl Jazz Reissues

Dirk Sommer who did such an excellent job overseeing the recent MPS Oscar Peterson box set gave me a list of ten new MPS reissues coming in 2015.

The titles are:

Oscar Peterson: Walking the Line
Bill Evans: Symbiosis
Baden Powell: Images on Guitar
Clark Terry: Clark After Dark
The Count Basie Orchestra: High Voltage
Dizzy Gillespie:20th and 30th Anniversary
Freddie Hubbard:The Hub of Freddie Hubbard
Joe Henderson:Mirror, Mirror
Monty Alexander:Live at Montreux
Singers Unlimited:Peterson in Tune

Mister Tim's picture

Boy, I would be ALL over this if they would at least respond to my inquiries about non-fill on Travelin' On LP VI from the new Exclusively for My Friends Box Set. I sent them a detailed email. First in English, then in German. No response in either instance. Makes me wonder if this "Audiophile" label really stands behind their product. Questionable to say the least.

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Sorry to hear that. I'll see what I can do..
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Very much appreciated!

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What? You've only tried to contact them twice? This seems to be an epidemic. Heavenly Sweetness is the worst. I contacted them via their website 7 times, with a very reasoned, detailed, non-accusatory inquiry regarding two Blue Note reissues I purchased that may have been the worst pressings I've ever seen. Not a single response. Same thing with a pair of Sandy Bull LP's on Sutro Park that were equally horribly pressed and transferred, this time five metered, non-accusatory inquiries looking for assistance. Nary a response. Hell, even a "Sod off!" would have been preferable to complete silence.

So much for trying to support small labels and local brick-and-mortar record stores with a "No Returns" policy. Sad.