Thomas Schick Explains His Turntable Design

Thomas Schick, best known for his tonearms, is producing a turntable in limited quantities.

In the Silbatone room, where ever year the son of a major Korean industrialist assembles an absolutely insane horn system just for the hell of it and at great expense, Mr. Schick ran me through the 'table's design basics.

As a YouTube channel subscriber pointed out minutes after the video went up, even on YouTube and on a computer, the violin piece playing through the big horn system using Schick's turntable and arm, sounds alarmingly real!

Rockadelic's picture

From the video it seems like it's idler wheel drive. How much did he say it's gonna cost $15000 or $50,000? By the way, were there any other idler wheel TTs in the show?

faskenite's picture

Michael, whether it is $15,000 or $50,000, it is expensive. The difference between these numbers being that one is expensive and the other is $%^&*! expensive! Although I wish Mr. Schick well, I really have to wonder how big the market is for a product at either of those pricepoints. I hope it comes with the arm!