Pro-Ject Debuts a $399 Vacuum Record Cleaning Machine

Pro-Ject's Heinz Lichtenegger shows us the new $399 vacuum-based record cleaning machine.

MicallefK's picture

I certainly hope you review this asap. That massive aluminum suction tube looks fantastic and will mostly likely not shatter.

Michael Fremer's picture
Keep in mind intros at this show usually mean a delay until Fall for actual introduction but we'll be on the case!
grey17's picture

Please request a review model asap. This could be a game changer based on the price point. The availability of replacement parts will also be key as that seems to have been a sore point with the Okki Nokki in the US.

Catcher10's picture

For $399.00 almost a no-brainer. It has a vacuum, an arm tube, collection tray....And it looks good!

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but got it almost a year and a half ago and doing fine. I like my VPI however, this RCM looks to have a neoprene or rubber platter which I would like better than the cork on mine. I also like the aluminum tube (no worries about cracking or breaking). I wonder about replacement parts though. The VPIs (at least the 16.5) are user serviceable with plenty of replacement parts available and VPI service is good too from what I hear.

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I was about to replace my haggard and now broken Cleaner and now this...
Now I am eagerly hoping for a more in depth review before availability.