Analogplanet Editor Flips Over New Wilson Sabrina Loudspeaker

Actually I stood on my head. And not because of the speaker.

It was an after-show event at a store about forty minutes from Munich for the European launch of Wilson Audio Specialties new $15,000 Sabrina loudspeaker. A bus full of journalists were brought over for an evening music, food and a lot of good wine.

Around an hour and a half in, the store-owner's nine year old daughter showed off by doing a one armed cartwheel. Everyone applauded as well they should.

I stood up and said to her "That was outstanding! But watch this: I'm seven plus times older than you and drunk and I'm going to stand on my head!"

So I did. A fellow-journalist captured it on his cell-phone camera. The speakers are quite good too.

zzcorey's picture

Our store pair has been fantastic, my favorite under $20,000 loudspeaker!

Nacissist's picture

You felt the need to compete with a 9 years old girl?

gbougard's picture

remember, he was sloshed

Michael Fremer's picture
As you wish.
allhifi's picture

Coming from a Nacissist, that's too funny !

You bet. Good call Michael. I would have done the same ...


Trace's picture

she got to keep all the dropped change and subway tokens !!!!

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I'd rather have an unfiltered Fremer than one that's all too cautious about sharing info. ;-)

Mark UK's picture

That Wilson would not keep DOING this.

First I fancied the Duette, but thought it was too expensive for a 'mere' bookshelf speaker so did not buy them.
Then the Duette 2. Only a few months ago. But I held off and bought a motorcycle instead.
Now this.

I've not seen a review yet but no doubt the reviewers will all say "They are so good there is no need to go any higher" just like they did with the previous two.

Or is the Sasha the entry level for 'real' Wilson speakers? :)

allhifi's picture

Mark UK: I'm with you. The Wilson family appear to enjoy coming out with new models as soon as enough folk purchase their old models so they can continue their R&D --at the expense of previous generation buyers.

Not confidence inspiring in the least.


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Very attractive design and accessible price for a Wilson. Can't wait to hear them.

Jeff Miller's picture

You still got it kid. Now can you walk standing on your head?

Michael Fremer's picture
Can't do that!