Analog Stars at High End Munich 2015

Munich High End 2015 Day One was filled with new turntables, phono preamplifiers and cartridges. I'm posting this at 1:50AM evening one.

I could stay up all night posting photos and news from today alone but instead here's a half-hour video showing some of the day's highlights. The lead photo show the new Döhmann turntable from Mark Doehmann who oversaw the development of the Continuum Caliburn back in the early 2000s. The arm on the right is a new one from Frank Schroeder built especially for the new 'table. The arm on the left is the Swedish Analog Technologies arm. Review coming shortly in Stereophile.

There's more about the above 'table and new products from TechDAS, Kuzma and many other companies in the half-hour video you can watch here. Much more to come (the video was still being processed as this is being posted, so please be patient). These are analog's best days!

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I was at a local audio store where they carry Octave Audio equipment. They didn't have the Phono EQ.2 in stock to hear, but they swear by how good it is. They are Euro based. Any chance Octave Audio was there and had it available for audition?

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Spend at hour there yesterday A.M. and will publish about visit and detail phono preamplifier.
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I really appreciate it. Looking forward to hearing about it.

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Would love to hear more about the AF3.

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It seems as though every decade, or so, someone decides to revive the pivoting-headshell tangential-tracking tonearm concept. What are the odds that this attempt from JR Audio will be any more successful than previous attempts?

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I would have been toast well before that hour. I just hope you aren't holding your checkbook or anything at times like that! LOL!!! I'm funning you.

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I would love to have a 2 arm table, or a second table for a permanently mounted mono cartridge.....but 4 arms? Man, that would need a lot of room. Where is the demand for that coming from? It would be cool to have several types of cartridges mounted for fun. I tried that with 3 different DACs, I thought I would like a change of pace, listen to a certain DAC for jazz a different for rock, one DAC for bright recordings one for soft, etc. I ended up only listening to one favorite DAC all of the time. I would like to hear the reasoning and how folks are using 4 arms.