Audio Alchemy's Peter Madnick Introduces New Moderately Priced Phono Preamplifier At RMAF 2015

Veteran audio designer Peter Madnick introduced at RMAF 2015 a new, moderately priced, $1795 MC phono preamplifier.

Madnick is the designer behind the original Audio Alchemy brand launched in the 1990s that included amplifiers, DACs, phono preamplifiers, CD transports and headphone preamplifiers. The line of moderately priced electronics was an enormous success.

Madnick has re-launched the brand with this moderately priced full feature phono preamplifier and a line stage preamplifier and amplifier. More products to follow all built at his California factory, which builds products for many brands including the highly regarded Constellation brand of electronics, in which he also lends a design hand. Watch the video below:

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... $1700.

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I like the option that you can solder a military grade resister over the terminals.

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I think we're on a planet other than the Analog Planet.

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But I think many hobbyists would consider phonostages under $500.00 to be "budget", and stages up to $1,000 or $1,200 to be "inexpensive" or "entry-level" (for quality playback), which means a $1795 stage could be considered "moderate". Look at the build quality vis-a-vis less expensive offerings. And that it's made in California, not Asia.

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