New Frank Schröder Designed Tone Arm From On a Higher Note

On display and in use for the first time at RMAF in the On a Higher Note room was a brand new tone arm designed by the exceptionally talented Frank Schröder (hang around with him for a few minutes and you’re sure to learn something new about tone arm design).

The new arm called the Alto (for “Asymmetrical Loading Topology”), features asymmetrically loaded bearings, an aluminum/magnesium alloy head shell said to be as scratch-resistant as stainless steel and not in need of any finishing, a ten inch ebony arm wand and an anti-skating mechanism that, according to On a Higher Note’s Philip O’Hanlon does not include any mechanical part.

Both azimuth and VTA/SRA are adjustable on this arm that will be priced around $5000. Schröder’s design for On a Higher Note (shown here on a Luxman turntable) will be built in America by Peter Ledermann’s Peekskill, New York-based SoundSmith.