Tone Imports Demos New Spec GMP-8000EX Turntable

Tone Imports’ Jonathan Halpern introduced at RMAF 2015 the massive string-drive GMP-8000EX turntable.

The Spec features an almost sixteen inch diameter, 30.8 pound gunmetal platter that places its center of gravity close to the point of the thrust bearing. A magnetic system lightens by more than thirty percent the load on the thrust pad.

String drive is via a “highest precision” coreless, custom Swiss-made 9 slot Maxon DC motor said to be torque ripple and vibration-free. The motor and tone arm bases are constructed using thick aluminum and copper alloy. The tone arm base is custom machined for your choice of twelve inch arm. That length is mandatory due to the large diameter platter.

The plinth of laminated Finnish birch is said to be both rigid and naturally damped.

Also shown in Tokyo-based Spec’s line were a variety of Class “D” amplifiers utilizing oil-filled Arizona Capacitors, Inc. capacitors and other high quality parts.

The Spec REQ-1X MM/MC “CR” (capacitor/resistor)-based RIAA equalizer phono preamplifier uses separate amplification stages for the MM and MC inputs. The MM features an FET-based op amp while the MC uses a bi-polar op amp. The unit also makes use of two different types of Arizona Capacitor oil-filled capacitors.

The GMP-8000EX fitted with an EMT 997 “banana” tone arm costs $24,000. Add a TSD-15 MC cartridge for an additional $1950 or the OFD-15 monophonic cartridge for $2200. The Spec REQ-1X MM/MC phono preamplifier costs $11,500.

Tone Imports shared the room with DeVore Fidelity, which introduced the new gibbon X speakers. I reviewed and very much enjoyed an earlier iteration of that speaker.

Box Furniture, Co supplied the attractive racks and other furniture.