Meet U-Turn Audio's Founders

U-Turn Audio's three founders were at this year's Rocky Mountain Audio Festival but I almost missed them.

Rather than being in a U-Turn Audio room identified as such, the company was in one of a number highlighting systems at various low price points in which the brands were not clearly identified outside the door. The system price point idea is good but next year RMAF organizers need to clarify the room contents.

Fortunately for me and for Analogplanet readers, just as the show was ending for me (Saturday evening), I happened to pop my head into one of those rooms and there was a U-Turn turntable.

One of the three U-Turn founders was there was well. He texted the other two and the interview was on.

Please watch this interview. If it doesn't leave you in great spirits I don't know what in the analog world will!

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Great interview. It's wonderful to see that analog music as well as young entrepreneurship are alive and well.

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What a delight, nice one Michael! I'm between their generation and the one above, but I'm also not a member of the 1%, so the appreciation of what U-turn is doing stretches well beyond the youngsters. There are tons of folks who think they can't get into vinyl or good sound quality as it where due to cost. They are the true beneficiaries of companies like U-turn. What gets me the they kept everything in-house, the parts are quality and they make it available for a song. I don't need another table, but I'm intrigued about their next step.
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Kudos to the u-turn founders for their entrepreneurial spirit and focus. I hope they stay at these price points and leverage scale to improve quality to realy challenge the Projects and redefine entry level quality/value.

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Great interview Michael. What a neat story and a great experience for them.

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Glad this near-miss didn't miss. Very cool cynicism-crushing interview.

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Doesn't the arm look like the Naim Aro? Did I hear right---the table is priced at $179? That can't be right!

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It's fantastic for the $ but even U-Turn guys would tell you it's not a NAIM Aro! (but it is currently in production).
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I had been looking at the Kuzma Stogi unipivot, but then remembered how much I dislike uni's, ergonomically. I know some of the current one's are more stable than the old (Decca, Mayware, Formula IV, which were very "floppy"), but I decided to go a different way. At $179 for the whole player, however, I'll bet a unipivot can be built that will easily outperform a similar-cost captured bearing design.

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179 bucks is correct plug in and play. Plus you can upgrade as you go along . Cartridge , platters , etc ,etc. I really like their pre amp .
Plus made in the US . How can you go wrong .