Vinnie Rossi Audio Shows New Highly Configurable Preamplifier

Vinnie Rossi Audio (formerly Red Wine Audio) demoed the LIO multi-configurable preamp.

It can be just a tube line stage, or you can add a phono preamplifier, or you can also add a DAC or you can also add a headphone amplifier or you can add all of those and you can also have it as an integrated amplifier.

The LIO runs “off the grid” via switching banks of Graphene-based ultra-capacitors, each capable of storing 350 million microfarads. These charge and discharge quickly so while one bank charges the other provides power to the preamp, with the pairs of banks seamlessly switching back and forth.

The phono preamplifier features a transformer-based MC stage and JFETS for RIAA/MM.

Price, depending upon configuration goes from $3000 for the basic line stage to $7500 “fully loaded”.

At RMAF Mr. Rossi ran the LIO as a preamplifier into the new VR120 $4995 120 watt per channel MOSFET-based amplifier that’s bridgeable to become a 250 watt mono block amplifier.