Bergmann Galder Turntable Company's First To Not Include Air Bearing Tone Arm

Turntable designer/manufacturer Johnnie Bergmann gives editor Michael Fremer a "tour" of the new Bergmann Galder turntable—his first without an arm (shown here with Dynavector arm).

You can add up to four, including one of his tangential tracking air bearing designs, or whatever arm or arms you prefer. The 'table features an air bearing platter and built-in facilities for pressurizing an air bearing tone arm.

An addition $3000 gets you vacuum platter hold-down—for sure, a worthwhile investment in vinyl playback satisfaction.

Anton D's picture

That Dynavector arm is the most ponderous thing I have ever seen on a turntable.

I've heard it, it overcomes its looks, much like me, but dang, it is a Rube Goldberg worthy thing to behold.

I am trying to think of another that matches it.