Miracord Turntables Return

ELAC celebrates 90 years by bringing back the storied Miracord brand (minus Benjamin).

The new turntable looks nothing like the old Miracord but do you really want to buy a record changer in 2016? ELAC designed and builds the new 'table. It is not a rebadge or an assemblage of parts bought from other companies (though the cartridge affixing methodology uses a Frank Schröder original design that's been widely copied by many). It appears to be solidly designed 'table that looks great and is available in a variety of colors.

So now Germany's original "big three "plattenspieler" companies are back: PE, Dual and Miracord, though none manufacture changers, which is a good thing!.

mobileholmes's picture

That's a nice looking table. Every classic Miracord I've come across has been crap.

Bob Levin's picture

It looks like they're aiming for people who would otherwise buy a Clearaudio Concept or a VPI.
Very nice, solid design, I'd have to say.

tube dog's picture

still has his Elac Miracord 770H from the 1970's. Nice to see them back. I hope they try something more ambitious, however.

vinyl_lady's picture

brings back memories. Benjamin Miracord was my turntable (record changer -- gasp!) in the early 70's. I wish I knew then what I know now about taking care of my records. A changer was sure convenient for parties--stack a few and hit play. A lot of double albums back then had side 4 opposite side 1 and 2 opposite 3 so you could put both on the changer and flip them to hear all 4 sides in order. As soon as I got a job after law school I bought a B & O Beogram (still have it in the basement)and retired the Miracord changer.

Rudy's picture

First the Andrew Jones speakers, now the Miracord. It's like ELAC is going through a major product reboot. It will be interesting to see where they are at in about 5-10 years.

Devilscucumber's picture

I have a couple, that with the right cartridge and a solid plinth, give a taste of the propulsive idler sound encountered in the Garrard. The 50H and the 770H seem to be the sweetest of the old ones, and with minor tweaking (re-rubbering idler, lube, new platter mat etc) will give great pleasure for minimal out-lay.