Ortofon Introduces Two Lower Cost SPUs at Munich 2016

Ortofon's Leif Johannsen Shows us two new lower priced Ortofon SPU cartridges and a new step up transformer introduced at Munich High End 2016.

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Thanks for the heads up on these. Looks like late summer-fall as a ship date. I could not hear (which is a common problem with all your wonderful, but background noisy show videos) all the details about how the #1 is different than their traditional SPU's. As you listen to your review samples, please keep us updated about how they sound.

Regards, Idler

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Both cost less due to the use of non-nude styli. One is spherical and one is elliptical but both have shanks instead of nude diamond. The difference is higher mass...but not sure detail is even the point of these SPUs, especially the spherical one!
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In your experience, do the bonded tips last as long? I've never seen any data, only anecdotal rants. And no, I don't think that detail is the point of the SPU. I think they add "life" to boring/crappy pressings/masterings. There's nothing wrong with an inverse-crappiness-filter, if that's what you are looking for.

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These two SPUs are really great.