Mobile Fidelity Enters The Turntable Market With Two Made in USA Models

At CES 2016, Mobile Fidelity, best known for its reissued records catalog, debuted two made in USA turntables, designed by Allen Perkins, one of the world's most talented turntable designers.

Perkins manufactures his own line under the Spiral Groove brand, with prices starting well above $20,000. The less expensive made in USA Studio Deck priced at $999 features a ten inch damped aluminum, gimbaled tone arm, Delrin platter and pulley, an MDF plinth, an A.C. synchronous motor and an inverted bearing, plus a hinged dust cover. Add a new $299 Mobile Fidelity MM cartridge featuring an elliptical stylus and aluminum cantilever and the cost goes up $150 to $1149.

The more expensive $1799 Ultra Deck features a constrained layer damped plinth and a host of other refinements. For $1999 it comes fitted with a new $600 Mobile Fidelity cartridge featuring a nude elliptical stylus. A third Mo-fi cartridge featuring a fine line stylus and high quality copper coils costs $899.00

These should be high value, high quality, good sounding turntables!

Dman's picture

Remembering the "issues" that some people (self thankfully NOT included) suffered with the Ultra-amp, I hope the QC and long term reliability of these 'tables and carts are better that those amps!

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The speakers went belly up in no time. They did look promising though.

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Beware, descendants of the UltrAmp (sic) are still in production by the company/guy, that made them for Mobile Fidelity. Seek out The Audio Critic 18, 19 and 20 for some of the funniest audio reviews ever, probably not for Michael Yee though. Two different samples of the power amplifier literally caught fire before any sound was produced.