Munich High End Show 2016 Coverage Begins Thursday!

Munich's High End Show has become the world's most important and well-attended audio show.

Back in the 1990s it was a relatively small, sleepy show held at Frankfurt's Kempinski Hotel. Over time it's gotten so large it requires a full-fledged convention center to accommodate all of the companies wishing to participate.

Press day is Thursday, May 5th. Watch of analog related coverage starting that evening! The photo shows editor Michael Fremer with Lyra's Stig Bjorge back in 2008. Hard to believe eight years have since gone by. And of course eight Munich shows!

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you have more hair too.

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I wish I could go to the Munich show. I'm really looking forward to your coverage. The way you do it helps those of us who can't make that scene get a little taste of what it's like. Thank you for doing things like that.

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Michael, please dont miss to visit the Swissonor showroom E210 in Atrium 4.2. Its a small Swiss company not very well known. I myself own their Bach 12 speakers and would want to buy one of their tube amps. The combination of these 2 just sounds the best i have ever heard. I would love to hear your opinion about their gear. They also specialize in restoring the old Thorens turntables, like the TD160 and of course the TD124. Cheers and have fun!

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I heard Einstein Audio is presenting its new phono stage, to replace the one you gave a rave review some years ago - The Truntable Choice. Can you see if it is as goos as the last one and a possible upgrade path for owners of the current unit?

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...the new Thorens 900-series turntables.