Rogue Audio Debuts $1600 RP-1 Full Feature Preamp Including Built-in MM/MC

Rogue Audio introduced the RP-1 a new budget priced full function preamp that includes a user-adjustable MM/MC phono stage for the affordable price of $1600.

The RP-1 features multiple inputs, remote control and a MM/MC phono preamplifier. Rogue's designer and chief engineer Mark O'Brien demoed the new preamp using a pair of powerful Rogue tube mono blocks and a pair of EgglestonWorks 2-way speakers. Source was a Nottingham Audio turntable that's once again being imported to America. O'Brien also told me Rogue is building a brand new expanded factory in Pennsylvania.

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I am an old dog and fell for CJ way back.

Rogue products strike a vibe and their products intrigue me. That they are made in America at a sane (or screaming bargain if discussing audio) price point is admirable as hell.

If I was a younger audio type looking to maximize my purchase or dial it up then this company looks like the one. I surmise the price quality ratio is off the charts.

I hope they sell a million of them.

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What did it sound like?