Zenith Angle File Reveal!

The recent Zenith angle error story gave readers a choice of two files, one with correcting the zenith angle error built into the cantilever and the other setting up the cartridge using the cantilever to set stylus groove tangency.

The responses were interesting: at first participants chose "File 1" as the one with the zenith angle correction but later commenters chose "File #2".

The zenith corrected file is "File #1". In my system at least it clearly sounded superior in the ways described in the story though some heard it the opposite way. Interesting. Of course pivoted arms have inherent zenith angle error other than at the null points assuming correct set up! Correct set up requires knowing how much zenith angle error is "baked into" the cartridge. That's why the WAM cartridge inspection service is so useful. Of course If you don't hear the difference.....

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Were the lab results ever published on the residue found on the stylus and cantilever.

WallyTools - WAM Engineering LTD's picture

our first round of infrared spectrometry is done and we see a residual compound. Sorry you'll have to wait for more news but our tests are hardly a top priority in the lab but we'll get to it!

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i think i bought that record at the ces show in vegas many years ago...mine is #0705

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What really amazes me is how much of a difference there is between the two files. It's pretty dramatic, and it makes me wonder what I might be missing. Thanks so much for doing this test.