The Physical Emotions Caeles Turntable

The Physical Emotions Caeles turntable is certainly likely to rouse the emotions from "wow" to "WTF" and "is he kidding"?

The designer is not kidding. This enormous device was part of a "newcomers" section on the main floor and while it appears to be a Rube Goldberg-like contraption, if you pay attention to the designer's description of what he's done, you'll find that he's done his homework in terms of the mechanics of vinyl playback—including borrowing the unique arm board isolation concept of the Continuum Caliburn.

The only thing that I'd question (aside from its lack of visual appeal and the amount of floor space it uses—there's a small refrigerator size compressor that you can't see) is putting the upper platter on cones but since I've seen but not heard the Physical Emotions Caeles turntable, which sells for around $50,000, I'm just speculating. Watch for yourself!

If you do a web search you will find images of it in other, more pleasing-looking finishes but whether those are actual products or mockups, I don't know. I do know that in white it looks like something out of a hospital ward.

Kaveh Saffari, CEO of was on hand to tell me that he's signed on as the American importer.

Anton D's picture

Looks like an Imperial Stormtrooper made a love child with R2D2!

Now we know what turntable "the gimp" from Pulp Fiction would use.

amandela50's picture

LOL: I agree. This is just about the clunkiest piece of kit I have laid eyes on in recent memory. Ah well, its the sound that matters.

Jeff Miller's picture

The isolation pods can crack open my walnuts when I get hungry.

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The man with the blue shirt looks at Mickey... suddenly goes at the back of the stand and tell the man with the white shirt that Mr. Fremer is there... and Mr. White Shirt begins to film and shoot Mickey, like the deserved analog planet star he is, not the turntable!!!

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Vee half vays of making you play records.

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the two Asian people took you seriously. cringe.

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So that leaves you and a few other miscreants.