Walk the Floors and Visit the Listening Rooms Day One at Munich's High End Show 2018

Day one's video coverage at High End Munich 2018 finally uploaded. More than an hour's worth of edited video is embedded below. This year's show was bigger, better and more crowded than ever. As you'll see, the world's high performance audio designers and manufacturers have been busy creating exciting new and innovative audio gear, especially in the analog domain and at every price point.

Each day's coverage will bring you the best of what we saw and heard at the show and includes manufacturer interviews. Many companies were celebrating significant anniversaries this year by introducing new, sometimes limited edition products. Crowds were large even on Thursday's industry and press day. The vibe was positive. 2017 was a good year for high performance audio and every indication is that 2018 will be even better.

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Thank you Michael for another opportunity to live vicariously through another audio show. I love the opening to this video, especially the bit about how this show was not cancelled. LOL!

Is Jozefina, Heinz's wife? If so, she is much like her husband. I like EAT products. Not the most affordable, but not outrageous and very nice.

Of course, you had to visit Heinz at the Pro-ject area. I wish you would stop that because I go through lots of napkins every time! *drool* Just kidding. Heinz just never stops, just when you think there are maybe one or two new items or maybe no new items, he pulls stuff out of everywhere and we end up with lots of new items and of course all in line with his mission of making lovely fine audio products available to all! Such a rock star! I can hardly wait until some of the new boxes he has come to market. I'm still having trouble finding that phono stage with all the controls in front anyplace. I'll find it eventually I hope.

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is the Zephyr freight train of amplifiers.
I love America......

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... be the sales rep for Dayton-Wright (a couple of lifetimes ago)?

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Ortofan wrote:
Is that Dan D'Agostino the same guy who used to be the sales rep for Dayton-Wright (a couple of lifetimes ago)?

I believe so.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile