Analogueworks Turntables Make North American Debut at AXPONA 2016

Analogueworks is a new U.K. based turntable company founded by former associates of the late Tom Fletcher, whose company Nottingham Analogue is still in business. Another Fletcher associate, Peter Mezek, builds turntables under the Pear Audio name that bear an even closer familial resemblance.

The company's products made their North American audio show debut at AXPONA 2016.

The extensive Analogueworks line and all of the available options can be viewed on the website of the American importer, High Fidelity Services.

Auric G's picture

When the gentleman taps on the power supply, it becomes audible thru the speakers.

Bob Levin's picture

A huge Korean guy could throw his modified bowler hat at it and it wouldn't make the record skip.