TechDAS Air Force Three Debuts at AXPONA 2016

Yes, calling a $27,000 turntable "affordable" is somewhat offensive, but considering that the Air Force One costs $100,000, the $27,000 Air Force Three is downright "affordable".

That's especially true since it uses the same air bearing platter system (though a lighter weight platter), the same motor and a very similar vacuum hold down system.

It offers much of what the Air Force One provides for about a third of the cost. The biggest differences are the platter weight, the lack of a suspension and the arm mounting system which is cantilevered rather than built into the chassis.

I heard the Air Force Three at an Audio Salon event in Santa Monica, California over the winter and it's a sensational sounding turntable. Shown here with Graham Phantom Supreme and Graham Elite tonearms, which is hardly surprising since Graham Engineering imports TechDAS turntables.

Bob Levin's picture

As a lathe?
27 thousand smackeroos is probably less than what a Neumann with a good pedigree would fetch.

audiof001's picture

... would love that awful looking piece of work.

Michael Fremer's picture
I like the looks. But I like the sound more.
volvic's picture

One third the price and nine-tenths the sound? If so then 27k looks quite good. Although the looks remind me of the old Micro Seiki's difficult to accept considering how stunning the Air Force One looks.

Michael Fremer's picture
I find the AF 1 overly "busy". I like the AF 2 better and this one is fine in the eye department. It's not an AF 1 or 2 but at the price point competes with everything I can think of....
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So your point on looks and AF-1 being overly busy is well taken since you have seen them in the flesh. Someone in Canada was selling his AF-1 on CanuckAudiomart a year ago for way less than he paid for, pity I didn't have some extra change as I still think it is a beautiful table to look at.

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The soft luster of the finish is hard to capture in photos. (Ditto with many of the high-end electronics casework.) It is also extremely compact for all the technology packed into it - about the size of a Pro-Ject RPM 10.

I agree the middle child is the best-looking of this bunch, but I don't think you'd feel too disappointed if the budget only stretched to the 3 and you preferred its sound to other 'tables in this price range.