Paragon Sight and Sound Debuts the New Wilson Audio Specialties Alexx

In the Paragon Sight and Sound room at AXPONA 2016, the talented electronics designer Nick Doshi goes over the system, which features the hi-fi show debut of Wilson Audio Specialties' Alexx loudspeakers.

The system also includes the brand new DCS Vivaldi 2.0 DSD DAC and SACD transport, Doshi electronics, a Brinkmann Balance turntable and arm fitted with a Koetsu Azule Platinum cartridge and Transparent Audio Labs Opus cable. An extra special bonus is a Studer 807 reel-to-reel tape deck.

How did the system sound? As good as it looks though I did tell Paragon's owner Larry Marcus that a faux white brick backdrop was probably not a great idea as it probably imparted the sense of "hard" to inexperienced listeners.

The tube-driven system sounded anything but hard! More than a few listeners thought the new Alexx produced tighter bass than does the twice as expensive XLF. A great sounding system for sure, and among the best at AXPONA 2016.

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..too bad Mr Doshi decided to go political making a derogatory comment regarding conservatives. I couldn't care less if an audio mfr is a fire breathing liberal but I certainly question the wisdom of making that known during a demo where he/she is trying to sell a product thereby potentially risking the loss of half of his audience. I just wish we could enjoy a hobby without having politics inserted into the discussion, that's all. Too much to ask?

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Sometimes we have to enjoy the hobby even with the political insertions. In fact, the speaker manufacturer's politics are very much to your liking, it even?
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The gentleman is absolutely correct. I mispronounced the word and chose an extremely regrettable way to recover from it. The absolute last thing on my mind is to alienate people brought together by their love of music and passion for audio. As it states in my logo and in most of my presentations, Doshi Audio equipment is proudly made in America by a proud American. As I have stated to any who listen, one of the reasons for Doshi Audio was to show that we can make world class gear in the US that is competitive, innovative and crafted as well as anywhere on the planet. Please accept my sincerest apologies.

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..there was no mispronunciation Mr Doshi. "Conservative" was pronounced quite clearly so that's a misleading explanation. I do appreciate your wisdom in attempting to clear the air however. I hope this turns out to be a learning point for not only you but other mfrs who may have to fight the urge to go political..

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You need to back off the pedal a bit. Oh, I see you drive a BMW. Not possible (just a joke). Do you know this one? What's the difference between a Porcupine and a BMW? Answer: on a porcupine the pricks are on the outside. Now if that offends you, the problem isn't liberal-conservative, it's just that you lack a sense of humor and are easily offended. But hopefully you laughed. It's a good joke.
es347's picture post did not involve name calling as you may notice by rereading. So calling me a prick seems unwarranted...and yes I find that offensive. Regarding the fact that I drive a apparently find that offensive. Ironic that a guy who routinely promotes turntables costing over twice what I spent on my vehicle attacks a BMW owner. Well done Mikey. Ok fire away with another name calling rebuttal..

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Mr. M what gives you the right to judge?? And assume you know exactly what one is referring too? Mr. Doshi- I believe you make wonderful products some of the best sounding tube products on the market-please don't let some fool like this try to side track what this great review is all about from Mr. Fremer.

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..I was there, you were not. Right you are Doshi makes very nice eqpt. My point was, and it was crystal clear sir, that keeping politics out of this hobby is a wise move for mfrs. I hope I've cleared things up for you..

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Once again you are WRONG, for you info I was there!! So take somewhere else and stick to audio. thank you, DONE!

es347's picture the exact same time I was although you don't know me at all nor when I was there? That won't stand up under cross examination...priceless...funny stuff

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(in the most pompous Graham Chapman voice:) ... and I object to the objection that I am not a prick! Please, give it a rest.

BTW - MF, just checked and does look like the domain "" is available -- possible opportunity for a new blog? As for the Doshi/Alexx room, I don't know, for me was kind of sterile and not all that engaging. Did get to listen to the Döhmann Helix 1 for the first time and despite relatively modest system was pretty spectacular IMO.

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Not all Tube loving Crystal clear BMW drivers are pricks...