At AXPONA 2016 New Products From Cyrus, Music Hall and Clearaudio

At AXPONA 2016 editor Michael Fremer learns about new analog products including a $2300 four input MC/MM phono preamp from Cyrus that's remote control configurable, and new turntables from Clearaudio, TEAC and Music Hall.

The Cyrus Phono Signature includes peak output level meters. The four inputs can be configured for either MM or MC with the setting parameters stored in memory.

Also new from Musical Surroundings but not pictured: the new AMG 12JT Turbo tonearm, a deluxe version of the the 12 inch AMG arm, featuring a new larger bearing housing with multi-ball horizontal bearing. Projected price $8500. Also the SuperNova III phono preamplifier featuring a full sized chassis with Smartsensing™ battery power supply, discrete dual-mono circuitry built with audiophile-grade components, three selectable EQ curves, and a unique subsonic filter. Includes outboard linear charging power supply.

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...please ask them why they did not include any adjustments for load resistance, load capacitance and gain when the Phono Signature is used in MM mode.
As stated in the manual (and shown in the photo), MM gain is fixed at 40dB and the load is fixed at 47KΩ/220pF.
The marginal cost to add some additional settings can't be very

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The music hall Mmf 7.3 is on my short list of potential future upgrades. Michael, if you take requests, I would like to respectfully suggest that you please review it. Thanks.

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I have the mmf-7.1 and added the 9cc all carbon arm, Cruise Control and pretty much have a mmf-7.3 now. The only difference is the new one has a DC motor with speed switch...Not sure what is better, the new motor or having the Cruise Control 2.0

But it's the best table I have owned without spending $4K.

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Thanks. I currently have the mmf 2.2 with the cruise control 2.0. The CC made a big improvement in the sound. According to Roy hall, who answers the phone when you call music hall, the motor in the 7.3 is a big upgrade over what you can do with the CC. Maybe doesn't apply to your 7.1, since we didn't talk about that model.

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Did you get a chance to see the same Clearaudio Performance DC Wood in the Showcase room next to the Marketplace? It had a linear tracking arm--is that what they are referring to as the "Tracer" arm?

That is one combination I'd love to hear. If anyone could get a new linear tracker right at that price level, it's Clearaudio.