AXPONA 2016 Coverage Starts Tomorrow!

This year's AXPONA Show outside of Chicago (At the O'Hare Westin Hotel) promises to be the area's best show. Coverage starts here tomorrow.

I've been told there will be many new products launched here, scooping Munich. We'll see. I'm doing two turntable set up seminars so if you're in the area, come on by!

lutry's picture

...your Go-Pro with you!

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Hey, did you ever get a chance to check back into the Technics room? I swear the rear of that tonearm was set way too low. (It doesn't show up in my photos.) It was mistracking like crazy when we heard the 1200. Jutht thome theriouth lithping on the thibilanthe.

Thanks for the "screwy" Friday seminar also. It occurred to me later on--if Music Direct provided the cartridge, why didn't they send over the mounting hardware packet that comes with it? No matter! It worked anyway.

I wonder if Music Direct got the not so subtle hint and brings along some of the DVDs today...

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They actually did get some in for Saturday's show. They were by the Isopods and isolation cones, near the turntable accessories.