Jolida Introduces New Jim Fosgate Designed Foz XT-R Crosstalk Reducer

Easily the most unusual analog-related product introduced at AXPONA 2016 was Jim Fosgate's Foz XT-R crosstalk reducer built and marketed by electronics manufacturer Jolida..

This $350 box is said to electronically adjust azimuth in order to minimize inter-channel crosstalk. In other words, many of us do this mechanically by adjusting the head shell and/or armtube tilt while measuring the results using a test record. This is the essence of Mr. Fosgate's Fosgometer.

Of course those with SME, Rega or other arms that don't allow for this adjustment, you are "stuck" with whatever crosstalk the cartridge produces with the headship parallel to the record surface, which as anyone who's measured crosstalk knows, is rarely the optimum setting.

The Fox XT-R somehow measures the crosstalk and adjusts it electronically using a process that was not adequately explained during the demo, but then a crowded hi-fi show room is hardly the place for a tech talk!

The "in/out" demo of the device, which goes between the phono preamp output and preamp input, was not particularly convincing in terms of separation, but I and the fellow sitting next to me did note a loss of transparency.

However, one shouldn't draw conclusions from such a demo and I hope to get a Foz XT-R here for a better listen and a full review.

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Wondering what other sources, besides TTs would benefit from something like this?
Cassettes were always the worst cross-talk offenders. I've got hours and hours of priceless stuff on the damn things and would love a remedy for that.

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The remedy would probably be to carefully tweak the playback head but only do it if you also have an alignment tape so you can restore the correct original setting. Mo-Fi once made a "Geo tape" for setting the tape head azimuth....
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Half the time I'd screw it up worse. (N.P.I,)
With 8 tracks it was so much easier. Rolled up matchbook or a pack of Zig-Zags worked just fine!

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Try getting a used Nakamichi Dragon which would correct the Azimuth for you on every tape. There are still good units on eBay.

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I need to replace my Sony.
The drive belts slip off every few days and I have to open 'er up again...and again..

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Half the time I'd screw it up worse. (N.P.I,)
With 8 tracks it was so much easier. Rolled up matchbook or a pack of Zig-Zags worked just fine!

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I can only imagine it does something similar to Dolby NR based on the measured output of each channel. Or reduce one channel and boost the other, because it's adjusting what it coming from the stylus. Seems like it cannot correct what cannot be corrected in those type of arms....Interesting idea none the less.

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It seems from the manual this device is designed to be left in the signal chain between the phono stage and the pre-amp. I guess you could use the Fozgometer ( or some other device) to get the needle close and then you use this to fine tune it even more depending on the "record, is that how this works.?