At AXPONA 2016 Channel D Introduces New Seta Supreme Battery Powered Phono Preamplifier

Channel D, purveyor of Pure Vinyl vinyl ripping software (actually the program does far more) also manufactures a line of phono preamplifiers. At AXPONA 2016 Channel D introduced the Seta Supreme, the company's most ambitious and costly phono preamplifier.

The Seta Supreme was on static display in the "Manufacturer's Showcase" display so I didn't get a chance to hear it, but flanking the circuitry are a pair of large batteries capable of running both it and the Lynx HiLo A/D, D/A converter that is also capable of off-the-grid powering so it can be used "in the field".

Channel D has a working relationship with Lynx and it is because of Channel D's Rob Robinson that I auditioned and bought the Lynx Hi-Lo. It is a multi-function, flexible and fine sounding product that makes producing my from vinyl radio show convenient and efficient.

The new Seta Supreme makes possible "off the grid" operation of both the phono preamp and A/D converter. Does this translate into better sound? I hope at some point to find out. But first I must finish a review of the Seta Piccola Mk2 that's been here far too long.

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Hi Mike:
How about throwing the track Look,Stop and Listen
from Damerona and Strings -
I would like to hear how it compares with the original
with Philly Joe- Thank you if you wouldn't mind.

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So when it arrives, I'll try to remember to post a comparison...
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I have Tadd Dameron's Magic Touch, it's the Ferit Odman that
I would like to hear to compare Look,Stop and Listen.
The way Philly plays the fills in the ensemble parts of the
piece are unique. Philly Joe Jones one of the all time greatest
jazz drummers.