Arthur Khoubesserian's Statement Tonearm

Even if you're not about to spend $24,000 on a tonearm, you ought to watch this veteran turntable and tonearm designer explain what he's done here and why it costs so much.

Knowledge is free and Arthur has a great deal of it to bestow. Mr. Khoubesserian's original company was Pink Triangle. Today he designs and builds iconoclastic turntables and tonearms for his company Funk Firm.

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I do not understand why a serious engineer like Arthur is described by you in that manner.

Yes the arm is very expensive. However if you have any idea of manufacturing costs for such a thing in low quantities plus a reasonable (yes, reasonable) profit then the price shouldn't surprise you, viz. the SAT arm by comparison.

Remember that the retail price of most items will be roughly at least 5 times that of manufacture. That rotating metalised disc at the headshell and its miniature bearing will be very expensive to buy in to start with.

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something worth listening too.
For someone that wants an arm like this that actually performs as the designer says, the price is inconsequential.

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The guy massively needs to trim his "elevator speech". Not to speak for you Michael, but I'm guessing you(and most of us) don't need a history of tonearm tracking solutions. You've got way too many booths to visit for that!

And I have to think that string(or whatever it is) might stretch over time or expand/contract due to temp/humidity changes.