Supersense, Vienna  — A Store For All Senses takes a slight detour from High End Munich show coverage for this video—have faith, it's got a strong vinyl angle.

Florian "Doc" Kaps helped rescue from oblivion Polaroid film. More recently he opened in Vienna, Austria, Supersense. Located in a former Venice Italy-style building previously home to a used clothing store, Supersense is a most unique venue dedicated to stimulating the senses.

With a fully analog recording studio and cutting lathe, a print shop, a photography studio featuring the world's largest Polaroid camera, plus food, wine and a store full of wonders you need to watch. The store is at Praterstrasse 70-1020 Vienna, Austria. AnalogPlanet editor was taken there by Pro-Ject's Heinz Lichtenegger after a tour of the company's new factory and dedicated logistic center. Those videos will soon be posted but meanwhile there's this!

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Two reasons to go to Austria now, this store and a fantastic record store just outside Salzburg.

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of a famous German rap group there: "Die fantastischen 4" live at the Supersense called "Supersense Bloc Party" on tape. And Horchhouse sells this live event on their webpage on reel-to-reel 15 ips 2-track. (I got it).

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Wow, just amazing focus on doing something pure. Some might say that in this nuclear world, that this store is irrelevant but I think it shows that creative minds can rise above the mundane. And we are not talking about freak shows. I could get political and say that this store would not exist in Mr Trump's America.

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As goes the US middle class so goes a lot of retail-- which is in a slow-motion collapse-- just like the US middle class. The EU is under the same assault-- austerity economics-- and it's having a very negative effect on EU retail as well. A very cool shop though!