At High End Munich 2017 An Encounter With Tedeska Cartridge Designer Hyun Lee

At High End Munich 2017 in one of the "pods" on the main floor of the MOC convention center, AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer encountered cartridge builder Hyun Lee. Berlin based Lee is a classically trained guitarist/teacher/artisan who prefers vinyl records and decided to design and build his own.

Mr. Lee's English is not the best. Fortunately "pod-mate" Reinhard Thöress, designer of vacuum tube-based electronics, stepped in to translate. While Lee began with mono cartridges, at this year's show he introduced the DST 201va a standard mount stereo cartridge mount.

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Well, my German is non existent too.
Anyway, it all sounds interesting.
I hope a review is on the cards.