Kuzma Debuts 9" 4Point Tone Arm

The original Kuzma 4 Point tone arm had an effective 11" (280mm) length. More recently Kuzma introduced a 14" version designed to work with its large-plinthed Stabi M turntable.

In his review of the Stabi M with 14" arm editor Michael Fremer wrote that he wished Kuzma would introduce a 9" edition. At High End Munich 2017 Kuzma did just that. The new 9" 4 Point incorporates all of the bigger arms' basics including of course the unique 4 point mechanism, adjustable azimuth, detachable head shell, etc. The VTA tower has been omitted but there is a relatively easy way to adjust repeatable VTA/SRA. Also omitted are the vertical and horizontal damping troughs. There is greater detail that you'll be able to see in a soon to be posted video.

The new arm features a more attractive looking fit'n'finish that will later be applied to the other two 4 Points. Mr. Kuzma said that the worldwide reaction from dealers and distributors has been strong, driven in part by the approximately $3600 price.

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isn't longer better ?


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Not necessarily :-(
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Will it work as a drop-in replacement of Rega tonearms?

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