More Product Debuts at Munich High End 2017

A few more product debuts at High End Munich 2017.

Louis DeJardins introduces a new vacuum tube based phono preamplifier manufactured for Kronos to its specifications by TruLife in Greece, Burmester shows a turntable with an arm that appears to be Clearaudio sourced (as well may be the turntable itself but no one was talking. Note the display of great music in the Burmester window. Unfortunately none of that music was heard at the show. Instead it was the usual drivel: "Hotel California", "Tin Pan Alley", etc. This show featured the worst music ever at a hi-fi show. It's pathetic. I wish the people running the event (so well) would do something about the mostly awful music.

Carlos Candeias introduces the new B.M.C. MCCI current amplification phono preamplifier that is definitely affordable and Brinkmann shows its vacuum tube based phono preamplifier (not really a show debut but most Americans are probably unaware of its existence).

Acoustic Signature's new $3400 (with arm) Merlin made its debut at the show, Soundsmith demoed its Gen 7 Strain Gauge cartridge (sounded superb), and the folks from Little Fwend popped open a little box and a miniature tonearm demoed its end of record arm lifter. More than a few of these devices are in-house and will soon be reviewed.

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The terrible demo music must have followed from AXPONA. (I wrote a piece on it for another online publication.) These reps and dealers really need to rethink what they are using to showcase their products with. Demo music should not be driving potential customers out of a room. (And yeah...if I never hear that wretched "Hotel California" ever again in my life, it will be a good thing.)

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I keep wondering why these stereo manufacturers never ever ever play Reggae or Hip hop to demonstrate how nice their systems handle bass.

There is no better way than playing a song featuring Robbie Shakespeare's bass. I guess Reggae and Dub dont get the respect they should

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I will admit I'm not really a huge fan of either one (I have a few, but not many), but still...demos should have at least a few tracks on hand from all genres. You never know. That guy in a suit and tie just may be into the dub and reggae; the scruffy motorcycle dude might be a jazz or classical aficionado. That librarian-looking lady in the corner might be a Metallica headbanger. ;) To credit some exhibitors, they brought a large digital library, or had access to Tidal. While I would often rather hear vinyl, at least if the music is familiar to me, I can at least see how the system responds to it.

Classical is one that is also mostly absent at the audio shows. Although at AXPONA this year, they were over-playing The Living Stereo Scheherazade from the Analogue Productions sampler reel. (And that is one Rimsky-Korsakov piece I don't particularly care for...I always though it resembled a poor imitation of a Warner Brothers cartoon soundtrack.)

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I produced several songs by the late great Sugar Minott and he invited me to his house/ studio / compound / sound system / venue

see pics

I swear I never heard such potent and yet nice bass

Granted, it's not for the faint hearted and probably not for the audiophile, but, man, what a fantastic bass sound: not only was it super LOUD, but it didnt distort or rumble or punish you with too much infra frequencies. And you FELT it physically as well as aurally

They had it locked as they say in Kingston