McIntosh Adds Lower Priced Turntable

At High End Munich 2017 McIntosh added the new MT2 turntable to its turntable offerings.

Though the MT2 lacks the front panel bling found on the MT5 and MT10 'tables its top plate incorporates the company's signature green backlit logo and glowing green platter (the row of white LEDs is a reflection off the display table and is not part of the turntable. Fitted with what looked like a Clearaudio manufactured cartridge, the MT2 costs $4000.

AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer flew over to Munich on the same plane as McIntosh group CEO Charlie Randall. He asked Randall how turntable sales have been for the company. Randall wouldn't give a number but he did say "plenty" and "its been a very successful produce for McIntosh".

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A little hard to tell from the photo, but it appears to look very similar to Clearaudio's Concept model.

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Apart from the control on the lower left of the plinth I can't see any specific resemblance that is anything other than then both having a plinth, platter, tonearm and cartridge.

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The other McIntosh 'tables are at least partially built and designed by Clearaudio. This one at least has what is obviously a Clearaudio tonearm and Michael indicated it has a Clearaudio cartridge. It also has a control switch that looks nearly identical to the one on the Concept. And I bet if you pulled that platter off it would
look the same underneath. But I could be wrong.

The Concept is an excellent 'table (full disclosure: I own a Concept Wood), so it wasn't meant as a criticism.

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Whoa! A lit up logo AND a lit up platter!? Truly high end specs! Any word on anything that might actually affect the playback quality? Bearing design? Suspension system? Tonearm type/material?

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I'm tired of that "blue meter" cliché that infests all of their products. Can't say their products have ever impressed me, even back when I first got into audiophile gear back in the early 80s. I heard a demo at AXPONA this year that was atrocious--the system sounded harsh and grating, being driven by those huge monoblocks and a McIntosh digital source. Yet the same speakers in another room, driven by Constellation electronics, sounded superb. This turntable just reeks of "vinyl cash-in" to me. If I want a Clearaudio (which I Pro-Ject Xtension 10 sucks ass), I'll buy a genuine Clearaudio, not some branded cliché by a has-been audio manufacturer.

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Mcintosh may not be known for their record players but they do and have made nice tube amplifiers in the past.