New Turntables At High End Munich 2017

This is a long video! Many new 'tables were introduced at High End Munich including The all in one The + Record Player, the result of an international design team, that features a Pro-Ject supplied 'table atop a built in sound system carefully isolated from the 'table, the idler wheel drive Blackstone from Italy shown in static display at previous shows, a new compact Thales TTT turntable with tangential tracking pivoted arm for around $9000, and the intriguing looking Cantano.

There's are new 'tables from Perpetuum-Ebner and Dereneviille's Modulaire, which was fitted with the DTT-03 tangential tracking tonearm, a prototype of which was shown last year. There's a new Transrotor 'table, one from Triangle Arts and one from Reed, the Muse 1C with 5T tangential tracking pivoted tonearm. Lots of eye and ear candy.

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Chad's a proud New Orleans hillbilly. Go Chad!

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Every post is BS. What a waste of space.
Thanks for the great reports Michael. Keep up the good work.

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Needs an anus. He is it.
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Thanks Michael for the good coverage. LOL at the idler drive designer who was embarrassed with $39k retail price. The table design was creative (although some of the internals like motor pulley and idler wheel do bear a strong resemblance to my TD-124), the craftsmanship looked amazing and folks sell speaker cable/interconnects sets for more money. You comment about that table being midpriced in this current market is unfortunately dead right! Still, there is lots of neat looking stuff out there right now.

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He's doing this out of dedication, not to make a "quick buck" or to hop on the vinyl bandwagon.
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Simone is a fan of the TD-124's design. He in fact sells aftermarket "improved" parts for this belt-idler drive classic..

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Is this Simone Lucchetti? If so, I have several of his idler wheels and others parts in my 124s. He is a great resource for the 124 enthusiast community. I was not making fun of him or the price, he was embarrarssed because he thought $38k was excessive. I was just pointing out that this is hardly excessive anymore, especially in a table that is clearly as well built as his.

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The engineering in some of these turntables is out of this world.