Pro-Ject’s RPM 10 Wrapped Tight

Pro-Ject’s top high-end model, the RPM 10 features a chassis of carbon, metal and wood.

The wood is high density MDF that’s hollowed out and filled with metallic sand. That’s wrapped in carbon fiber and baked to produce a well-damped, highly rigid structure.

The ‘table also features a massive platter, large magnetic suspension feet and a platter that’s also magnetically suspended. With arm, the RPM-10 costs $4000. Definitely worth a review!

Rudy's picture

They don't stand behind their products. I'm at odds with them right now over the frickin' hydraulic arm lifter that quit after a year and a half. I have turntables over 35 years old where the lifter still works. Inexcusable for the price I paid.

Jon's picture

I use a Project turntable myself and have actually been very happy with the backup support. I had to install a new motor last week and buying one from the distributer was very easy, inexpensive and it only took me about 45 minutes to do the replacement. Contrast this with Rega where I've found spare parts to be completely unobtainable, necessitating expensive return shipping of the product even when the repair is an incredibly simple 5 minute easy DIY job.

What I am not so impressed about with Project, however, is that some of their products seem to lack adequate testing before being released to the market. For example, my Speedbox II (bought in 2012) literally burned out after only 300 hours use. In my opinion it was poorly designed, employing zener diodes that get extremely hot in use. You even had to unplug the box from the mains when not in use because it got very hot just sitting there doing nothing useful at all. When I opened the unit to investigate the failure, the circuit board was literally burned around those two diodes. I went and bought the replacement "S" model box which is a far better design which runs much cooler and is obviously a very different design lacking these hot spots. But it is a pity it was not designed this way from the start.