Completely Redesigned iPhono2 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier (Corrected)

The original iPhono priced at $399 was an incredibly well-designed, versatile and fine sounding phono preamp.

The brand new iPhono2 is a completely re-designed version that the company claims performs even better. One thing's for sure: the silk screening on the bottom where you adjust the various dip switches, is far easier to read. That alone is a big step! The cost is said to be about "twenty five percent more" than the $399 iPhono. There are no tubes inside. The company's "TubeState"® circuit is not tube based.

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I think you mean "opamp based" rather than tube based.

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The company refers to the circuit as "TubeState"® but no tube inside. The tube buffer piece has a tube!
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How cool. I didn't realize the original had a tube. Thanks.

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With the Pro-Ject preamp?
They're the same price point.

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...could replace all of the dipswitches. I have the original and I'm pretty happy with it. It has plenty of gain for lomc. I just wish there was a knob for the loading so I can tweak without grabbing a screwdriver (yes, I'm a tweaker!). Still, I'm looking forward to your review of the new one. Do you think an Avid Pulsus would be a next logical step for a significant boost in performance over the iPhono?

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Mine went out after a few months of use. There is long thread on Steve Hoffman forums about people that have had theirs die as well. And their customer support is an antiquated ticketing system that takes days to try to get a problem resolved. Horrible product and company.

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Your abilities as a car mechanic penalty kick online would have made Jackie Mason proud, as he had a funny sketch about that very subject. It is my sincere hope that you did not spend a significant portion of your life reassembling the clutch slave cylinders for the V-4.

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@connections game: The provided information paints a picture of an original, well-received phono preamp that has been thoughtfully re-designed in the new iPhono2 model, with a focus on improving both performance and usability.