Analog Planet Radio’s “New Stuff” Show Now Available To Stream or Download at Full Resolution

Charles Mingus had a habit of declaring every release, "the best record I've ever made". Today's Analog Planet Radio Show, "New Stuff" is easily the best one yet—and unlike Mingus, that's not something I say about every show!

With the exception of one recent reissue and one "oldie" played because....well you can read the set list and figure it out...all of the tracks are from new or recently released vinyl. The segueways worked beautifully, there are great tunes, many, if not most of which, you've never before heard and the show flowed really well.

Of particular interest is 2973 La Nemica DeI Ricordi a brand new AAA release from the Italian band Spettri, which bills itself as "a cross between Black Sabbath and King Crimson" and another AAA release, Dameronia With Strings a tribute to the late be-bop musician/arranger Tadd Dameron from Turkish drummer Ferit Odman, who produced the record in America with a quartet (including himself) of excellent players plus a string section. The album debuted on iTunes today, but this track from a test pressing obviously sounds far superior. You'll love it! The vinyl will be released mid-December.

Also, a track from Keef's latest, one from Lyn Stanley audiophile fave Lyn Stanley that demonstrated great vocalizing strides, and "trip" to Asia for some "trippy" tunes from Dengue Fever and especially the '70s Farfisa-drenched The Impossibles, who named themselves for an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon. Stream here, or on the website or download at CD resolution.

“Sapokanikan”-Joanna Newsom
“Il Lamento Del Gabbiani”-Spettri
“Tell the Truth”-Eric Clapton
“Strict Time”-Elvis Costello
“Trouble”-Keith Richards
“Just One of Those Things”-Lyn Stanley
“On A Misty Night”-Ferit Odman
“I’ll Be Seeing You”-Cassandra Wilson
“Green and Gold”-Lianne La Havus
“You and I Again”-James Taylor
"Patty Don't You Put Me Down"-Richard Thompson
“Sound and Color”-Alabama Shakes
“Raylene”-Doug MacLeod
“Bouree”-Patrick Higgins
“Bouree”-Jethro Tull
“Entrance”-Liz Vice
“Tokay”-Dengue Fever
“Auspicious Moment”-Somkiat Soonthorn
“Can’t Translate”-The Impossibles
“Positively 4th Street (alt. take)-Bob Dylan
“That Weekend”-Jim O’Rourke

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The title of the track by Ferit Odman is "on a misty night" not “One Misty Night”

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Thanks. Will Ficks.
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He probably got called Todd a lot too. Thanks for posting the track on this week's show, i knew the song right away, i was familiar with the Dameron/Coltrane version from the Fifties, but this Turkish drummer's version was new to me, i like it!

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3,200 miles away and I am really enjoying the show. Definitely the best one yet (not that the others weren't). Was making dinner while I blasted the music from the computer. Not sure about this, but I think dinner tasted better tonight after listening to it.

James, Dublin, Ireland.

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Hi Michael,

You mentioned having to watch The American Civil War. Is that the Ken Burns documentary? A couple of years ago I was at my local doctor for a checkup and I mentioned I was going to South Carolina for a holiday and he asked me if I was interested in the American Civil War because he had bought a DVD of it and if I was interested he would leave it at reception to collect the next day (which I did). I have to say my wife and I watched an episode every night and were enthralled by it. I just loved listening to Shelby Foote talking about it, he had such an interesting voice it drew you in.

James, Dublin, Ireland

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Hi from Belgium,

I'm used to downloading the files on every Tuesday since the beginning
and I still enjoy listening to that kind of music through my Naim streamer at AIFF-c

Thanks Michael


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"Green and Gold" is by Lianne La Havas. Really talented singer. I had this take on another track from Blood.

Enjoying the playlist! Thanks.

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...track right after James Taylor

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sound must be at least a 10. (maybe 11)?

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You may have told everyone before, but what is the playback system your using at the radio station ? Turntable cartridge phonostage, was it calibrated by you etc. Also what is the rest of the equipment in the chain and your impressions of the sound overall.

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you can be sure no radio station system can produce this kind of sound! I wish one could. This was Continuum Caliburn turntable, Swedish Analog Technologies SAT tone arm, Lyra Atlas cartridge, Ypsilon MC10L step up transformer, Ypsilon VPS-100 phono preamplifier, darTzeel preamp, Lynx Hilo A/D, D/A converter, Vinyl Studio software. The transfers are at 96/24 resolution but for production purposes they are converted to CD resolution. One of these days I will bring a file of something and play the record "live" over the air back to back with the file so people can hear the difference (or not!).
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against your 96/24-file from vinyl.

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What does "better play a commercial CD against your 96/24 file from vinyl" mean? I assume English is not your first language. Please clarify.
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what I tried to say: it would be interesting to show people the difference between commercial CD and your recorded HiRez-file from vinyl. E.g. play a recorded 24/96-file from a Beatles Mono vinyl, and after that the same song from the regular actual commercial CD that people can buy on amazon...

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I'll do more "dweeby" audiophile stuff (that we all love!) but first I want to build a loyal audience with the music.....
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Thanks Mikey, I've enjoyed this show and looking forward to hearing more of Analogue Planet Radio.

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...if you could create playlists on Tidal based on subjects/ topics.
Cheers from Switzerland.

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you didn't post a new show this week!

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I was in California for the L.A. and Orange County Audio Society "Gala" to introduce VPI's Harry Weisfeld who got the Founders Award. Watch the speech. It was entertaining!
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I was in California for the L.A. and Orange County Audio Society "Gala" to introduce VPI's Harry Weisfeld who got the Founders Award. Watch the speech. It was entertaining!