Analog Planet Radio "Drug" Show Now Available

Analog Planet Radio's "Drug" show is now available for downloading here and on's website archive where it will be available for streaming for two weeks. For those overseas who are having trouble downloading from this site, that might be a better solution.

The show features all songs about "drugs", from "White Rabbit" to "The Pusher Man" and Bob Marley's "Kaya". There's also a comedy bit I did in 1976 about a mental patient who unwittingly names all the popular drugs—way ahead of its time! Also a Jerry Garcia parody recorded around the same time.

So enjoy the show! This show is not necessarily about great sound though some of the tunes do sound good. For "Cocaine", I used the 12" promo "Eric Clapton on White" even though it had some "issues", because of the outstanding sound. It was mastered by Doug Sax.

So, I hope you enjoy! I think it came out really well. I did it in a faux '70s progressive rock DJ voice so you probably won't recognize that it's me. It's me. Click click here

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I've heard this song numerous times, but this is the first time distinguishing those memorable lyrics. It must be the vinyl (and maybe that analog rig).

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I think a combo of both perhaps. Besides, having all my Airplane on vinyl now I can positively say no matter your analog setup Airplane on CD is unlistenable. Such things like that just demand vinyl in my opinion.

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I agree!
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A review of Mobile Fidelity's soon to be released Surreleastic Pillow? Some of their releases seem to be less consistantly exceptional than e.g., Analogue productions or music matters.

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Love your show! only things is, your drugs dj sound does not match what i experienced. Maybe because we had THE BEST fm station of the era (KWFM) in Tucson. Ours sounded cool, you sound a bit like a geek...sorry
see for your self

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Well of course I was mocking the way things sounded so I was purposely trying to sound "geeky". There will be a feature length movie soon about the legendary WBCN and then the on-air personalities will be able to speak for themselves not through my mockery!
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How about Johnny Thunders' 'Too Much Junkie Business' or 'Dead Or Alive" (neither admittedly audioiphile quality but THE Jimmy Miller produced the former). I like the Airplane CDs Bob Irwin/Vic Anesini did for Legacy a few years back. Love the Airplane. If they didn't devolve into the Starship their rep wouldn't be so tarnished a la Rod Stewart. And they were way better records than the Dead made excepting 1970's two homers WD & AB...Gimme '/Long John Silver' or side one of "Manhole" (the god-record of Patti Smith's "Horses".)

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With Dave Hassinger on board the Airplane records all sound great, and hold up artistically. Mofi did OK with "Crown Of Creation," perhaps their most spectacular sounding studio album..."Surrealistic" always felt a bit mannered to me despite many classic songs ('Today' captures '66 into '67 better than anything I can think of)..Why does Long Dong Silver seem so muddy with Stephen Barncard in the mix booth coming after Crosby's stunning "If I Could Remember My Damned Name"...

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Would love to hear this, but this morning the link isn't working.

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Hi, Mikey! Great program this week. I especially liked "Itchykoo Park", by Small Faces.When will you be back on Scott Wilkinson's show "Home Theater Geeks"? You can promote the radio show while you're there. And would you play David Bowie's "Please Mr. Gravedigger" on your Halloween program? I'd Like to hear you comment about it.