Analog Planet Radio "Halloween Show" Now Available As Download or Streaming Via SoundCloud Player

Analog Planet Radio's first annual Halloween Show is now available for downloading.

Unfortunately someone at the station had switched the CD-R's input and I didn't notice until the first ten minutes or so had passed, so you won't hear the opening introduction, but you will hear all of the music because it's been added back to the file, which you can now access here:

you can stream or download the audio from there.

This week's show is a particularly long file so if you're having trouble you can stream it from the website by doing the following:

Go to:
At the top of the page IN BLUE click on “Jazz & What’s More on FDU-HD2”
At the top of that page two tabs to the right of “home” click on “listen”
Go down to "HD2 Archives" and click on it.
Then, in the date field go to Monday, October 26th, 2015
From there click on “Analog Planet Radio”
That’s it! It won't sound as good but at least you'll be able to hear it.

Here's the "set list":

Bach Organ Works (Daniel Chorzempa) Toccata in D Minor BWV 565 excerpt (Philips)
"I Was a Teenage Werewolf"-The Cramps
"Creature From the Black Lagoon"-Dave Edmunds (Porky Prime cut-UK pressing)
"The Day the Earth Stood Still" excerpt Bernard Hermann conducting NPO (Phase 4 London SP44207)
"Ghostbusters"-Ray Parker, Jr.
"Halloween Spooks"-Lambert, Hendricks and Ross
"High on a Windy Hill"-Creed Taylor Orch., "SHOCK Music in Hi-Fi" (ABC-Paramount 259)
"Monster Mash"-Bobby "Boris" Pickett
"Fear"-"Music From One Step Beyond"-Decca Records USA
"Psycho" excerpt Bernard Hermann "Music From The Great Movie Thrillers" (London SP 44126)
"Jump in the Line"-Harry Belafonte "Jump Up Calypso" DCC Compact Classics reissue
"The Addams Family" Main Title music
"Thriller"-Michael Jackson original Japanese pressing
"Fear"-John Cale from "Fear" (ILPS-9301 UK pressing)
"Season of the Witch" -Donovan from "Greatest Hits"
"Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead"-The Fifth Estate

With "guest hosts" Boris F, Janos F and Bela F

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Orson Wells 1938 radio broadcast of HG Wells' War Of The Worlds complete with the Script at school just for the fun of it. The kids find it pretty interesting once they know the circumstances of the broadcast.

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but was sure Warren Zevon was gonna make the list.

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Busted link!

Michael Fremer's picture
i don't know how else to test it. I listened through to the whole show..
Paul's picture

For those of us who listen to the show by downloading the file, apparently it has now been eaten by goblins.

And no Pink Floyd - "Careful with that Axe, Eugene" on the list? Or perhaps "One Of These Days" (I'm Going To Cut You Into Little Pieces)?

Great shows Michael, can't wait to hear this one...

Paul's picture

It's Alive! Downloading now at 10:43 PM. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Is anyone else still having trouble downloading the Halloween show? I've been trying the last 2 days and keep getting a message that the file doesn't exist.

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Okay, I must have missed that the link was changed to Soundcloud. So, next stupid question. I don't see a way to download the show from Soundcloud. What am I missing....apart from my mind? Is download possible?

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Stream it from Soundcloud without having an account.
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You should be able to download it now. I changed a setting.
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I signed up for an acct. on SoundCloud but the track is not available to me for downloading. (Apparently there is a button for that.) From their Help Forum it seems that:
a) in posting a track downloading has to be made available.
b) if the track was meant to be downloadable but the button doesn't show it may be the limit (100 for free accounts) has been reached.

I can spend the hour or so to record the show on the PC in real time. But a download would be much simpler. :)

Michael, just want to say thank you. I've enjoyed your shows very much and have saved all of them for repeated listening.

Aloha from Hawaii

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I too am new on Soundcloud
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Download the show.