Analog Planet Radio Show Expands to Two Hours October 5th—"Got Live 2" Now Available

Analog Planet radio show "Got Live 2" is available for streaming on the website and here on at higher resolution.

The show was part two of a live recordings program that includes "Scarlet Ribbons" the rarely heard on vinyl encore to Belafonte at Carnegie Hall first released in 1959 and still considered among the finest live concert albums ever recorded for both music and sound.

The encore was included in Classic Records' 45rpm single-sided multi-LP box set. Also on the program is "You Set the Scene" from Love's Forever Changes live album from 2003, not released on vinyl until this year. Also "Love Over Gold" live from a Euro-only Dire Straits 12" single, among other unreleased live in America performances from Elvis Costello and Marshall Crenshaw.

As smooth and glitch-free as last week's show was, this week's got off to a bad start when I accidentally began the set with a tune from last week's show. I quickly pivoted to the second tune on the second drive but someone who'd previously sat at the board had turned off the fader's "source" button so there was silence.

It was an awkward start but things then settled down.

You can listen to the show by clicking here

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Being in radio myself a few years back, I know the rules about "dead air", but even the best have had days like that. I've seen things go wrong before (and it is usually caused by the person who was in previously, it just happens). I was present when the air talent let dead air go for 12 minutes one day because she locked herself out of the booth. In radio it's gonna happen eventually. If it doesn't happen then either your doing wrong or the station has no human air talent.
Don't sweat it. You recovered and it was still a good show.

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Yup, it does happen to the best of them. I was listening to WBUR recently, one of Boston's TWO major NPR stations. The program I was listening to inadvertently skipped ahead a segment, then, as a result, signed off about 12 minutes or so early. It was early morning on a Saturday, and apparently nobody was paying attention at the station. The station sat dead on-air for the next 12 minutes until the top of the hour.

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Interestingly, nobody can't unequivocally state "Listen to how great that analog sounds" because not all of what you're playing is audiophile quality. No matter. Music tends to sound more alive and more real via analog. But the Stones cut, alone, wouldn't sell anybody on the concept of how good analog is.

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I thought the vocal was great but not the rest, which was horrendously overdriven. Interestingly, the engineer was the great Glyn Johns!
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"Scarlet Ribbons" was a canny choice, I suppose everyone has already heard "Mama, Look A Boo Boo" anyway!

You probably hesitate to widen spindle holes on a rare import 12" but the Orbison track was "eccentric" for sure!

I kept thinking of cool live rarities that your live-but-not-on-lp show would have, like the Tommy Keene "Kill Your Sons" or Matthew Sweet "She Said, She Said" - both of which I have on singles. And it's just a crime that The Concert For Kampuchea", or "Urgh! A Music War" was never reissued on cd!

Congrats on the expansion to a 2-hour slot. You barely get started each week and then it's over.

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Michael, you played the double-LP of Clapton Unplugged and mentioned the single LP release. I have the German Reprise single LP. I don't recall it being that bad. In fact, I recall it being pretty good - natural sounding. I'll pull it out and play it. My biggest fault with it has been that it left of "Rollin' and Tumblin'". I'm not surprised that a 2LP version beats the single, but I'm wondering which pressing of the single LP you listened to.

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I got the US double LP and the German single one. Yes, the german pressing sounds really good - as long as you have listened the double LP. You would not imagine the difference unless you had the chance to listen both pressings. BUT!, never-the-less. Both are beaten without any chance by the analog track of the Laserdisc. (such a mess, that LD as analog carrier got lost..)

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I just pulled out my German LP of Clapton Unplugged. It's not as good as I remembered. It's not awful, but it sounds like it was taken from a CD mastering. It's a bit bright, lacking in slam, and completely cut off in the bass. There's just nothing below a certain mid-bass frequency. I'm guessing that the 2LP set would be quite a bit better. In fact, I decided to order it after relistening.

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What was the live Joni cut on the last segment. Sounded great.

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From "Miles of Aisles" double live LP....
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Much appreciated.

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great songs! many thanks for the fantastic vinyl only audio stream. A song list would be so great.