Analog Planet Radio Two Hour Direct to Disk Radio Show Now Available For Downloading

With this Direct to Disk show, Analog Planet Radio expands its Monday noon show to two hours. This is also the first show to be broadcast over the air on WFDU-FM's HD2 channel. The antenna is located atop the Alpine Tower built on the New Jersey Palisades by General Edward Howard Armstrong, invented of FM radio. He built it there so it would be visible to his nemesis RCA's Dr. David Sarnoff.

All of these tracks, except one, were recorded "D2D" between 1975 and 1979, which was the "golden age" of direct to disk recording. The exception is a brand new Big Band recording produced by Mike Valentine and on sale new through Elusive Disc.It includes two LPs and a DVD. One LP is D2D, the second is cut from a simultaneously recorded tape. The DVD documents the recording session.

No one suggests these tracks represent the hippest, latest and greatest music, and while some of it is limp, there are some outstanding performances and first rate musicians.

The set list (order approximate):

Harry James "Opus 1"
Bill Berry "Take the A Train"
Big Daddy "Just What I Needed"
Great Guitars "Gravy Waltz
LA4 "Django"
Lou Tabackin "Summertime"
Tower of Power "Fanfare/You Know It'
Mel Torme/Buddy Rich "When I Found You"
Bernard Roberts "Beethoven Piano Sonata #7" (excerpt)
Tracy Nelson "Down So Low"
Lew Tabackin/Toshiyuki Miyama "Body and Soul"
Thelma Houston "I Got the Music In Me"
Charlie Byrd "At Seventeen"
The Syd Lawrence Orchestra "Moonlight Seranade"
The3 "Green Dolphin Street"
String Band "Greensleeves"
Warren Smith and Masami Nakagoya "Kaiko"
Michael Newman "Torre Bermeja"
LA4 "Nouveau Bach" D2D
LA4 "Nouveau Bach" excerpt (cut from tape)
James Newton Howard "The Higher You Rise"
LA4 "Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte"

I am sure you will dig the sound! So download and enjoy.

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Hey Fremer,

Please tell us again how you prepare the tracks for air. You record these hires then to CD? What turntable/cart/preamp/DAC?

Robert A. Ober

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You'd have the answer.
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Hey Fremer,

Please tell us again how you prepare the tracks for air. You record these hires then to CD? What turntable/cart/preamp/DAC?

Robert A. Ober

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Is there a download link for the show. I like to save the shows and play them back at various times, and even plan to burn some to disc to play in the car for trips. Thanks so much for your efforts in producing these shows.

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Right under the Soundcloud "cloud" is a download arrow! You analog guys, really!
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Michael - Is there a way to download for later listening. Cannot play this link at my desk, unfortunately. Would be great if there were a link to download as a file or even better, subscribe to a podcsst and I wouldn't miss any.


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Click on arrow under the "cloud" logo to download.
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General George Armstrong (Custer) died in the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876. Edwin Howard Armstrong invented FM radio in 1933.

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Brain fart.
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Great Show, my favorite D2D is a Big Band Jazz disc on the Umbrella label Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass. Most natural drum sound i have ever heard on vinyl LP. Their Porgy & Bess Suite is outstanding.

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I first heard the Lindsey Buckingham version, so *there's* a track a lot of boomers will know. Of course all these years later I am an MJQ fan - and I heard their Apple albums first.

Glad you found an excuse to play some Big Daddy. Those guys are hilarious.

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Glad to see you are now live also. Thanks again!

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does anyone have a link to stream the live HD2 show directly without having to use their web player or app?

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Go to go to HD2 feed and at noon Monday it streams live. Also two weeks of archived shows are there as well. There are detailed instructions in one of the show posts...
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What I'm looking for is an actual URL that I can feed my network streaming audio app so I don't have to play it off my laptop. The button for the HD2 feed opens a web-player.


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Great show Michael ! Downloaded and listened on my vintage Marantz 4270 receiver in my man cave. Now will listen on my Mac/Martin Logan system wow.

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Did you know there are multiple versions of the Tower of Power D2D LP ?
I used to surprise dealers with my copy where Squib Cakes is shockingly different in performance.
My Lincoln Mayorga No.1 also has different performances.