Analogplanet Radio’s HD2 David Bowie Tribute Now Available For Streaming and Downloading

(Photo: David Bowie Ziggy Stardust press conference, October, 1972 at RCA’s midtown, NY studios-analogplanet editor wearing stinky sheepskin)

Spend a few hours with editor Michael Fremer as he spins David Bowie vinyl from original American, UK, German and Japanese pressings along with a few reissues.

The songs cover a wide swath of Bowie from his 1964 Parlophone release “Take My Tip” by The Mannish Boys, to “Where Are We Now?” from The Next Day.

You can stream or download here (at higher resolution), or at's HD2 archives.

Here is the track list:

Take My Tip
Space Oddity (Disco version)
Space Oddity (box set reissue)
The Man Who Sold The World
The Bewlay Brothers
Soul Love
Ziggy Stardust
Hang On To Yourself (Arnold Corns)
John, I’m Only Dancing
Dancing In the Streets
Under Pressure
Alabama Song
Panic In Detroit
Rebel Rebel
Always Crashing in the Same Car
Sons of the Silent Age
Sound and Vision
Move On
I Took a Trip in a Gemini Space Craft
Where Are We Now?
Space Oddity (reprise)

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You can stop now, arbitrary thing that is apparently above me.

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with your whine?

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... for making listening to beautiful Bowie vinyl part of the mourning process.

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I Guess it's Glenn Frey and the Eagles next week!

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Oh no! Dale Griffin, drummer from Mott The Hoople, passed today too.A big Bowie link for this guy. Not a good month for Rock'N' Roll

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The link to download the high res files isn't there.

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top right..
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Found it. What's the resolution of the download at Soundcloud?

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Sorry to say....
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Soundcloud transcodes everything thats uploaded to 128k I believe. Even if whats uploaded is already compressed.

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Should add though - that constraint only applies to streaming afaik

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Last time I downloaded a show it was 16/44.1
Streaming is always 128K

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Thank you Michael, beautiful program.
Please do a partII, III... no executive decisions :)

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I think it's time that Rabbi Mikey had a contest where the winner gets a USB filled with 24/192 rips of his favorite pressings of The Bowie Catalog.

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Great Show, Thank you michael.

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Come on...........why no Laughing Gnome in your play list?

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More Bowie please.

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If you played another 2 hours of Bowie. You could even include side projects and collaborations like the ones with Scarlett Johansson, Mott, Lou Reed, Tin Machine, Pat Metheny, Mick Jagger, etc so no one could accuse you of running virtually the same show on sequential Mondays.

Speaking of Tin Machine (which I thought was a good diversion for him) I think Bowie's love for the Yardbirds was always under-reported, but it's there in the records if you listen closely. "TVC15 and the self-named "Tin Machine" song both sound like Yardbirds pastiches to me, but it's a bit more obvious in the latter track.

The kind of lull in Bowie's release schedule between 'Scary Monsters' and 'Let's Dance' was a great time for me as a Bowie collector - several of the (pre-1969) Pye & Parlophone releases were reissued, and right after 'Let's Dance' showed up, most of his RCA material was reissued on cool looking and surprisingly well pressed picture discs, and at one time I owned all of the albums (the pic-disc 45 wallet set was too pricey for me to consider).

Soon after that the RCA Jpn and German cds came out, which are rather annoyingly the best sounding Bowie cds issued to this day, it seems that with each subsequent re-release on yet another label, the sound gets farther and farther away from the natural tape-or-vinyl tone and texture.

I surely wish the tape they used for the current vinyl and cd editions of 'Hunky Dory' sounded half as good as my circa-1980 Jpn RCA vinyl pressing, that thing was unbelievable!

- Thom in Atlanta

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Thanks, Mr. Fremer. For this, and for keeping vinyl, and through it, the idea of listening to music, alive.

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When I click info on the downloaded file it says 16/44. Hoping that's true! Will listen tonight, thought years ago Mikey emailed my a portion of "Uncle John's Band" that was just insane sounding at 128kps.

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Hopefully some others would as well. I've only recently started putting together some Bowie on vinyl so hearing your thoughts on pressings is great too! I really hope they start issuing the 5 years box pressing individually so I can pick out the best ones. Thanks for everything.

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Great Bowie Show...and I agree a part 2 would be great. I got a little behind listening to your shows, so have been trying to play catch up, but your Beatles show appears to have gone missing!! I really wanted to hear that one. Missing from both Sound Cloud site and yours. Were you forced to pull it for some reason? Here's to hoping it can be restored.

Michael Fremer's picture
Why it is missing. I will check into this.
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Well done sir, enjoyed it thoroughly!

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Fantastic show! Please do another one! And will you be reviewing the new box set? Now I want to get a copy of the Disco single of Space Oddity etc. Can you give details of this release so I can track it down? Thanks.

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Yep, I also think another Bowie show is called for. The man certainly had the catalogue.

- I like Putting Out Fire (from Gasoline) for its insistent, driving pace. There's of course that aspect to Let's Dance that will permanently be made Really Cool by dint of SRV's guitar featured on it and the fact that Bowie got him fairly early in SRV's career.

I can't add much more because apart from Ziggy and other '70s LPs I don't have much exposure to his music. You've already played what is one of my favorite Bowie tunes: The Man Who Sold the World!

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It appears that most of the songs played on your radio shows have the very beginning of them chopped off, making for abrupt beginnings indeed. Aside from that, the show is wonderful, including your insightful and informative comments. Thanks for playing the French version of "Heroes", even though the German one is my favorite. "Dann sind wir Helden, für einen Tag". MORE BOWIE PLEASE!

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This was my first Analogplanet Radio Show -- I am gonna listen to them all now. Thank You!