Analogplanet Radio Starts Next Monday, August 3rd!

Analogplanet radio begins Monday August 3rd at noon. For now it will be a one hour, live show every Monday at noon on WFDU, the radio station of Fairleigh Dickinson University.

The reality is somewhat more complicated than that simple announcement, however. The station is in the process of a serious service upgrade that will include live Internet streaming as well as two new over the air HD radio channels.

The first stage of the upgrade is supposed to begin tomorrow, Tuesday, July 28th so that by next Monday August 3rd, the first analogplanet show will stream live at Good news if you can't listen then: the show will be archived and available for streaming for two weeks after the live broadcast by clicking on the "listen" button.

Meanwhile, the work is being completed to have the two new HD radio channels go live over the next few weeks so listeners in the New York metropolitan area who own HD radios in their cars or at home can listen live, The station broadcasts from the old General Armstrong tower in Alpine, NJ, with which many of you radio buffs will be well familiar. Armstrong, the inventor of FM radio, had a long running feud with RCA's David Sarnoff, so he made sure to build his tower so it could be seen from Sarnoff's offices in Rockefeller Center. But that's another story!

This story is about the radio show. It will be a free-form music show, with all of the music sourced from vinyl, though it will be digitally recorded at home. At first it will be downconverter from 96/24 to CD just to make production easier but eventually the plan is to have 96/24 files played back via computer using a USB DAC into the station's board.

They say radio is like bicycle riding: even after years of not riding, when you hop on it all comes back. Last week I did a "test" show and it did all come back. I was able to use the board with few issues (there were a few minor issues, but in terms of my on-air stuff, it was all there and exhilarating. The chief engineer eavesdropped on some of it and he said it sounded great.

So tune in next Monday for "live" or stream it at your convenience from the website. It will be all vinyl and vinyl is most of what I will be talking about.

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Best of luck Mike! Look forward to hearing your show.

Take care...Dave

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Yes. For two weeks after broadcast it will be archived on the WFDU website and you can listen at your convenience.
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Really looking forward to this!

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That picture brings back memories for me, mostly good actually. (I used to be in radio). I'll be listening..streaming from archive of course. I live on the west coast and the 3 hour time difference can be a drag at times.
I hope the show does well on all counts.:)

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Can't wait to hear this Mikey!

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Very much looking forward to this.
Way to go Mikey!

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Just wondering. Offline listening helps me sometimes, like while driving.

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...remember not to pop your P's.

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Good Luck on your new show! I'll be listening...

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Love hearing this news. 2015 - the radio waves lost Vin Scelsa's powerful winds but gain Michael Fremer's. Looking forward to diving into the stream. Thanks for making this happen!

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Finally something good on the radio!

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My earliest impression of Michael Fremer occured when as an 11 or 12 year old I warily ventured from the comfortable world of AM Top 40 into the almost scary universe of 'freeform' FM (WBCN), which I had no idea existed until I read about it in Hit Parader. During 1970-71 one might hear a set that included Sleepy John Estes, Donovan, Eddie Harris, Johnny Cash, Coltrane, Captain Beefheart - as well as the Stones, Steppenwolf, and the Airplane. MF made weekly satirical spots for NE Music City/Cheap Thrills, gently mocking Neil Young, Lennon, or Dylan before reading a list of what new releases were on sale. A little later ('73-74) he had a late night weekend show that played the NY Dolls and Roxy Music as a creeping conservatism began permeating the station during daylight hours (a typical set: Jackson Brown, Eagles, Paul Simon, Linda Ronstadt). In any event, the humor & spontaneity translated into lots of fun.

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Mr. Fremer has still got his chops in my opinion and they haven't waned, only improved. His voice has not lost it's flexibility either in my opinion. It should be a great show.

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Ideally, this will eventually appear in podcast directories.

Please make sure the program and any music you play is compressed to the max.

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The audio quality of HD radio is AAC+ encoded at 96 kpbs or lower, pretty much the same as satellite radio. Isn't that doing to negate all of your work to get good audio quality for the show?

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Great Show, source does matter. In My Room sounded great on my Mac and I then I ran it through my system with outboard DAC. Looking forward to more of the same.

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When did the show air, and on which program? I've listened to the entire noon show (Anything Goes) archive and have heard no reference to the program, only an extended interview with Don Rickles.