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February is WFDU’s pledge month. The station doesn’t run advertising and so depends upon listener support.

This is week three of pledge month so I am out of “money” songs.

The station is not out of money but it really needs your help to cover the considerable costs involved in running a radio station that includes at over the air FM station plus three HD radio channels and online streaming facilities.

So this week’s music consists of “pleading” and sad songs as we mope our way to financial solvency for 2016.

Here’s the playlist 100% vinyl sourced:

The Bee Gees: I Can’t See Nobody
Cat Stevens: Sad Lisa
Free: Soon I’ll Be Gone
The Drifters: There Goes My Baby
The Beatles: Misery
The Platters: The Great Pretender
The Temptations: Ain’t Too Proud to Beg
The Four Seasons: Stay
John Cale: Please
The Smiths: What Difference Does it Make?
Them: Baby Please Don’t Go
Roy Orbison: The Only One
The Buzzcocks: Money
Derek and The Dominoes: Bell Bottom Blues
Willie Nelson: Suffer In Silence
Frank Sinatra: What’s New?
Jimi Hendrix: The Wind Cries Mary
Louis Armstrong: Saint James Infirmary
Traffic: Cryin’ to be Heard
Traffic: Cryin’ to be Heard DEMAGGED
Humble Pie: Desperation

Please pay particular attention to the Traffic song, repeated. The second play is after the record was demagnetized using the Furutech record demagnetizer. That is the only variable. The numbnuts will say it might sound sweeter and smoother because the first play sheared off high frequencies. Of course the original play sounds plenty bright and the record has been played well over a hundred times, considering that I bought it new when it was first released and love the record, but that won't stop them because they are in denial.

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No point in kidding you about the ill cd player. And the demag not only made the Traffic record clearer, but the pops on it were crisper too after the demag (strange, isn't it?).

The vocal on the Sinatra sounded like it was in phase with the backing on the right channel and out of phase with the left, and I have never noticed it before. I think my vinyl at home is mono.
Perhaps a weird anomaly with that pressing, or maybe it's part and parcel with that stereo mix in all instances . . .

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So long as it works. I felt your pain.

Good doom and gloom tunes for a rainy day here.

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I have the Satchmo Plays King Oliver (45 RPM 200gram) version and the sound is astounding. When I play this I often play the Animals cover version which is quite an interesting take, gobs of base circa 1968 on MGM off The Everyone of Us album. Another great job Michael.

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Seriously. I love my records too. Until you bring back the downloads, I may start recording the stream to cassette. This is indeed a disturbing universe.

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What will happen to listener supported radio in the US, especially classical, in the age of web radio? Here in NYC I turn on WQXR, out of habit, then immediately turn it off: it seems their main broadcast topic is begging for funds, with the occasional music sprinkled in. Tonight, in a taxi, I heard them repeat their 800 number TWELVE times in a row! Well, now I have BBC 3, ABC Classical, RNE Clasica... These stations are so superior to anything stateside, they barely even play commercial recordings, most of their programming is bespoke, recent recordings of live concerts! I have no idea what government funding these broadcasters get, but aren't we supposed to be richer than them or something?