Analogplanet Radio's Labor Day Special Now Available For Downloading

The Labor Day holiday didn't stop Analogplanet Radio from broadcasting live today at noon. It was a special Labor Day broadcast with a holiday-appropriate musical theme.

All records transferred using Continuum Caliburn turntable, Swedish Analog Technologies tone arm, Lyra Atlas cartridge and Ypsilon VPS-100 phono preamp with Ypsilon MC-10L step up transformer.

Artists include Elvis Costello, The Animals, The Clash, The Byrds, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Sam Cooke and Phil Ochs. If you want to hear a mint 1A pressing of the first Byrds album, be sure to "tune in". You can listen to today's show by clicking here

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I just left the office and was standing at the elevator when I checked the site on my phone. Screw it! Burgers on the grill can wait a few more minutes. Now I have something to listen to on the ride home!

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…an really enjoying the chance to hear an approximation of how vinyl sounds via your system and its various unobtanium components. Keep up the good work on the show.

Also enjoying your occasionaljokes about the rumble, clicks, ticks and intolerable racket of vinyl playback. (Hah!) In fact the extraordinary quietude of your records makes me wonder a) if these LPs have gone through a vinyl cleaning machine, and b) if you’ve done any click-removal processing of your files.

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Yes. De-clicking? No.
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… for the answers.

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Did not listen yet, but how come the file size is approx 1/3 of the previous broadcasts?

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I have no idea! It was a CD resolution Aif file....
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Could you make this available as a podcast on the iTunes store please?

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After reading what you're after (and the equipment used) I understand why you're not doing it as a podcast (sound quality, through out 2/3 of the bits at random).

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Since this is being done under the auspices of a radio station it is not mine to post on iTunes. I'm only doing it here until they get their archiving system up and and then I'll "point" to that location.
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I've been waiting to hear some Klezmer on this show (even if it was hidden in a comedy record).

Great fun as always!